My goals for this website:

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  • Remind you that you’re not alone
Metaphor: How it feels when someone you love has dementia. Reality: Ironman World Championship swim start. Arrows point to my dear friend Rachel, right, and me. 

The Concierge:  Katherine Nichols

I’m the author of Deep Water (published by Simon & Schuster and optioned for screen adaptation), a longtime journalist, and a former teacher. My non-traditional career path includes co-producing, hosting, and writing an adventure travel television show throughout Hawaii and the Pacific, and working as a strategic marketing consultant and project manager.  Most importantly, I’m the mother of two. Along the way, I earned a B.A. in English Literature and a Master’s in Education from UCLA, and an M.B.A. from Yale School of Management.

In addition to interviewing many people, writing stories about dementia in the New York Times Magazine and San Francisco Chronicle Magazine, and speaking publicly, I helped conduct qualitative research with neurologist Tiffany Chow, M.D. Our months-long project culminated with an article in the Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences and a website for teens and parents, the contents of which are included here.

You may learn more at katherinenichols.com

The Mentor:  Tiffany Chow, M.D., M.S.

Tiffany Chow

Board certified behavioral neurologist Tiffany Chow is the Medical Director for the Alzheimer’s Therapeutic Research Institute at the USC Keck School of Medicine. She’s the author of The Memory Clinic, an established neuroscientist, and skilled clinician.

I’ve looked to her for advice on topics ranging from early-onset dementia and associated caregiver issues to the complexity of global clinical trials. Her publications cover qualitative and quantitative approaches to issues in dementia for patients and caregivers.

She earned her B.A. and Master’s from Stanford University, her M.D. from Rush School of Medicine in Chicago, completed residency and fellowship at UCSD and UCLA, and worked for over a decade at the Rotman Research Institute in Toronto.

While she’s providing significant guidance, she can’t be held responsible for my opinions! She’s way too smart for that.