Introduction: Purpose of this site

Enduring a loved one’s dementia provokes a deep sense of loss. And that’s just the beginning. The accompanying conflict, financial stress, confusion, and isolation can challenge even the most stable relationships.  I hope to help with information that empowers and stories that connect.

What is dementia, and which diseases can cause it?  Which areas of the brain do these illnesses alter? What does that mean for the patient — and loved ones? We’ll hear from people with personal and professional expertise, learn about different trajectories and inevitable similarities, and discover strategies to enhance quality of life for family, friends, and colleagues.

When I was in my thirties, my husband was struck by Frontotemporal dementia at the peak of his career. Lewy body dementia took my father’s life too soon. I’ve experienced the effects of dementia on families from the perspective of a wife, mother, step-mother, daughter, step-daughter, in-law, and trustee.  Which means I’ve made a lot of mistakes. I hope talking about them — and inviting others to share their wisdom — makes your journey a little easier.

Katherine Nichols

My life and the ocean are intertwined. Like any force of nature, the sea can be docile or wildly unpredictable and terrifying.  Understanding more allows you to engage differently. Dementia’s no different. The waves will come.  Let’s learn how to dive under — and maybe even ride a few.

Cristina Mittermeier dives under a massive wave in Makaha, Hawaii. Photo by Paul Nicklen. Mittermeier and Nicklen are conservationists, National Geographic photographers, and founders of @Sea_Legacy.


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